Riad Café du Sud

Riad Café du Sud is an exclusive establishment at the heart of Moroccan Sahara in which was written the Legend of Erg Chebbi. Between tradition and modernity, romance and comfort, our riad offers a unique change of scenery, a plunge into the culture, the art, and typically Moroccan well-being.
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« From the roof terrace of Café du Sud desert Moroccan riad, the Erg Chebbi Dunes reveal their Legend: The sand dunes silently summon peace within their spectacular Sahara Desert setting and surrounding landscape… »

An exclusive four-room house surrounded by astonishing sloping dunes and a natural desert landscape, Riad Café du Sud offers its guests a one-of-a-kind traditional desert experience true to the culture and heritage of the Kingdom of Morocco.

The spectacular, ochre-colored dunes of Erg Chebbi, usually known as the Merzouga desert, contain one of the two largest Sahara “ergs” in this remote region of Morocco, stretching along the Algerian border. Its highest dune reaches about 300 meters in height.

Re-Imagine Luxury • Riad Morocco

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Riad Café du Sud is an elegant riad style of house, combining traditional decor with maximum, modern comfort. It is here where you will experience the ultimate in desert luxury, making your holiday in South Morocco unforgettable.

Four fully equipped rooms (Suite Rukia, Suite Bahmad, Room Herra and Room Hegga), at your disposal, easily become the exceptional location you will call home during your stay.

Settled in a beautiful part of Erg Chebbi dunes, our Moroccan riad Café du Sud – desert hotel – provides the ultimate desert living experience. Sleep with the sound of desert wind shifting sands and wake up to the beautiful sound of its many birds waking with you. We also offer you the possibility of sleeping in one of the best Merzouga luxury desert camps in the region.


Traditional Moroccan riad

Café du Sudriad Merzouga is located within an extraordinary setting. We invite you to delight yourself during your next holiday and enjoy its incredible desert serenity. Nestled deep within Morocco’s magical dunes and desert landscape in the Erg Chebbi area, Café du Sud showcases the architecture and heritage of the country while also offering an opportunity for desert adventure. If If you’re searching for an alternative to a Merzouga hotel, welcome to our exclusive house.


Visit the Erg Chebbi Dunes in Morocco Desert

The Morocco desert offers unique panoramas and the magnificent dunes of Erg Chebbi are considered to be the largest and most remarkable in this part of Sahara Desert. With its palette of warm colors, Erg Chebbi is the most wonderful place to watch the sunrise and the sunset in Morocco‘s southern regions.

After arriving in Erfoud, you will continue your route through places where the Paris-Dakar rally used to pass, and where scenes from films of “The Mummy” or “The Little Prince” were filmed. Then we will reach the oasis of Tiermart, a village of nomadic families who have recently settled. At this location, you can visit a deposit of sundew fossils and many different marine animals. The famous south-Moroccan fossil beds are located here. Erfoud and its surroundings are famous for its multiple fossil quarries because they contain fossil specimens of an incredible variety and considerable size.

Afterward, you arrive at the Oasis of Tissermine where we can enjoy magnificent panoramic views, with the mountains of the border with Algeria in the background. Arriving at Erg Chebbi you will notice the khaïmas (tents) of the Berber nomadic tribes and to the west, along with the Chebbi mountain from which takes its name the Erg.

If you’re coming all the way from Ouarzazate or Marrakech, you have to travel more than 400 kilometers on the roads of the Middle Atlas, direction Merzouga. Landscapes clearly change. Everything is drier. The Atlas pines and steep slopes are replaced by dry, ocher soil, and the vegetation is mostly palm trees. The landscapes are nevertheless magnificent with sumptuous palm groves. After a few kilometers of flat rocky desert, the Merzouga dunes appear on the horizon.

Following the asphalt road, you will finally reach Café du Sud road sign, from where you have to turn left into the small distance desert track until reaching our touristic complex parking lot.